Ellen Predicts Kim Kardashian Twins

Kim Kardashian told Ellen that a psychic emailed her and told Kim that she will be a mother of twins in 2018.  Kim and Kanye West hired a surrogate to give birth for them.  They agree that the anonymous woman carrying the valley girl’s child has a large baby bump for being 6 months along, so it has been rumored on Ellen’s show to be twins.

Kim and Kanye already have a daughter and a son, but this could be wishful thinking.  But, the gifted psychic; Char Margolis is the Kardashian psychic, who is on UBN radio, before the Robin Zodiac show.  Robin Zodiac did ‘America’s Psychic Challenge‘ for the same production company and predicts the Kardashians’ are hyped up ‘golddigger’ as Kanye’s sings about in his popular song and their fake funds coming from a from a stale ‘C’est que vie Trust Act of 1666’ and are never entitled to real wealth.

Robin Zodiac’s prediction on the Kardashian valley girls is that this family will one day quickly fade back into their true titles of ‘gag me with a spoon.’  Even the mainstream media has not been reporting on this fake family for weeks now. Only TMZ, which can report on musicians, athletes and/or infamous personalities, but not union actors anymore.