Stranger Things (Season 2) Is Psychic

Netflix has a winning television show called STRANGER THINGS, which is a group of coming of age teens.  The lead is a 14 years old girl that has had MK-Ultra exposure that gave her psychic powers.  MK-Ultra developed by the KGB and adopted by the CIA in the 60s-70s brainwashing programs that was said to be destroyed, but the mind-control continued.

A late great author; Jerry E. Smith spoke of these programs along with HAARP and explained that the Cape Town, South Africa media actually implanted into entertainment shows, which still exists today.  Big Budget movies are developed on this MK-Ultra formula and ‘Stranger Things‘ television program is finally acknowledging the brainwashing does give those raise with trauma and shock, do gain psychic powers to cope with the separation of mind and heart, so the media programming can brainwash those armchair agents.