Famous Celebrity 2018 Psychic Predictions

Trail blazer of psychic predictions is ‘Robin Zodiac.’  She takes the risk informing the public of these historical occurrences that will manifest this coming 2018 new year.  Her calculated events is from both; intuition and presumption in the 2018 article that she has scheduled to broadcast at the ‘Strike of Midnight’ on January 1st 2018.

Robin Zodiac has decided to start up new businesses in the manufacturing industry of fashion and beauty in 2018.  You will be reading about her success that has been planned out these last 2 years to pull her through an 11 year in numerology.  We all get challenges among our path, but ‘Psychic Mom‘ projects events and sets up traps to conquer in the right time periods foreseen.

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2018 Headlines Are By Psychics

Today’s trend is that psychics are predicting the future headlines being read in real-time.  It is the psychics that have taken the lead of predicting the era changes taking place in the media and politics.  The twitter trend is growing and going strong, so psychics say things that are yet to be seen, so the news organizations are going with this new, but old fashion style of spreading news worthy stories breaking fast and ahead of the brainwashing, yet psychic roles have been excused of being the biggest offenders.

2018 is the 11 year, because double 1’s are never added together.  This is going to be a changing year in partnerships, forgiveness and build trust into the Age of Aquarius.  Psychic Robin Zodiac and Gifted Witch; Liz Pressman are the leaders of being able to predict currently day headlines in the media.

Director; Mike Flanagan Focus is Stephen King Stories

Mike Flanagan is an American film director that is currently filming ‘The Haunting of Hill House‘ for Netflix. Flanagan is married to Kate Siegel, who made her television debut in the ‘Ghost Whisperer.’  Kate co-writes with Mike and the both have a passion for the paranormal and horror entertainment.  This couple have been newlyweds this last year.

Mike Flanagan has direction for ‘Doctor Sleep’ about the Danny Torrance character that suppression of his psychic powers, who obviously becomes an alcohol addict.