A Former Congressman Reveals ‘Psychic Income’

Quoted in the Herald Sun; “The problem now is that people making demands on us don’t want real-world results,” Frank said. “They want psychic income.”  And, “Flake voiced optimism that ‘this spell will eventually pass,’ and Frank did too.” [Read Article in Entirety]

What is ‘Psychic Income?’ The truth is all income comes from our psychic instincts or breeding.  Always follow her heart and riches will always be the rewards.  It seems that Barney Frank, a former Congressman is at a loss for the ‘denial of system‘ banking reports, which is when the Federal Reverse governors of Charlotte, North Carolina transfers money to other countries; it is back-logged to the center of the pie and disappears.  Basically, money is not currency and currency is returning itself to the source or going full circle, since 2013.

So, if currency is no longer being controlled by politicians, but nature, then the only solution is trade deals and going back to America’s grassroots, which is ‘Continental Currency,‘ which is not paper money, but trade.  Paper money first came into existence in 1666, when a Dutch man offered up a British King a deal he could not refuse or the Dutch man could not produce.  This Dutch man was jailed and our paper banking system was born.

Also, the C’est Que Vie Act of 1666 was introduced, which is bloodline and zip codes are calculated to determine a country’s currency value meaning people are literally ‘relative value‘ or stock.  It was Spain and the Vatican that created these rules of breeding, marriage and death generating value to stay in power behind the veil of truth.  This is ‘psychic income‘ that no politician, doctor, University or attorney wants society to learn of, because their pirate stealing of ‘psychic income‘ would be transparent.  The gravy train has ended for these commoners, whose only solution to America is continue the debt to keep Americans enslaved, as the world’s dumping ground. Or, Americans join nature and the rest of the world’s game to play by the same rules and forced not to continue believing it’s own fraudulent propaganda. But the government, media and banks have being overthrown, because even if America is a corporation and not a country with a Queen, doesn’t mean there isn’t a Queen due to the forces of nature in breeding.

Magna Carta is 802 years old, which means no King or politician is above the law.  Prisoners are traded on Wall Street, which politicians have been controlling since the Bank Relief Act of 1933.  Freedom to politicians is ‘free to take from the dumb.’  So, government officials are rancor that their ‘psychic income‘ has become the new reality or has back-logged on them.


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