Psychic News Today

by Robin Zodiac

Robin Zodiac New Year’s Resolution begins…

Robin Zodiac has ambitions of recording a daily home video predicting daily news from a psychic/medium’s point of view. Robin Zodiac has been working on finishing her ‘Psychique‘ network, editing her new age eBooks, writing her last ‘Secrets’ series 4th eBook to incorporate the ‘Secrets to New You Love‘ paperback.

Robin Zodiac is planning on patenting fashion and beauty products to license, manufacture and market. Robin Zodiac is in talks with Lorre’ Springsteen in doing a co-host TV/Radio show on a new streaming network, do our own radio/youtube ‘live’ show or Robin Zodiac may return to either UBN Radio or Cable Radio Network in the spring of 2018.

White Houses’ Dark Cloud

Georgia Walker is an Australian self proclaimed ‘psychic to the stars’ says, “‘I saw a ball and chain around his ankle. I saw President Bill Clinton’s shadow over him, so he went through that process, but he did escape it.” Walker goes on the state that President Trump will be impeached, yet forgets to mention the America Trump cannot be trumped by another other leader.  Donald is Fred’s ‘trump card,’ after the Hit-L(ist)er, as Hitler given name got him into leadership or politics.

Robin Zodiac agrees that Bill Clinton is bringing the dark cloud, who happens to be in the shadows of sex scandals, Freddie Mac pansy scheme with his loser wife being Fannie Mae (American English: Take butt; British English: Take puss).  Trump did campaign to insure Hillary Clinton’s win, yet it didn’t work that way with the ‘deep state‘ pulling the strings to collect on daddy; Fred Trumps’ social security trust (CUSIP) bonds.

Director; Mike Flanagan Focus is Stephen King Stories

Mike Flanagan is an American film director that is currently filming ‘The Haunting of Hill House‘ for Netflix. Flanagan is married to Kate Siegel, who made her television debut in the ‘Ghost Whisperer.’  Kate co-writes with Mike and the both have a passion for the paranormal and horror entertainment.  This couple have been newlyweds this last year.

Mike Flanagan has direction for ‘Doctor Sleep’ about the Danny Torrance character that suppression of his psychic powers, who obviously becomes an alcohol addict.


Stranger Things (Season 2) Is Psychic

Netflix has a winning television show called STRANGER THINGS, which is a group of coming of age teens.  The lead is a 14 years old girl that has had MK-Ultra exposure that gave her psychic powers.  MK-Ultra developed by the KGB and adopted by the CIA in the 60s-70s brainwashing programs that was said to be destroyed, but the mind-control continued.

A late great author; Jerry E. Smith spoke of these programs along with HAARP and explained that the Cape Town, South Africa media actually implanted into entertainment shows, which still exists today.  Big Budget movies are developed on this MK-Ultra formula and ‘Stranger Things‘ television program is finally acknowledging the brainwashing does give those raise with trauma and shock, do gain psychic powers to cope with the separation of mind and heart, so the media programming can brainwash those armchair agents.

Discovery of ‘Star Trek’ Going Psychic

Critics have been harsh on the ‘Star Trek; Discovery‘ becoming psychically based in the new season.  It seems that critics always bash programs that have a bigger message that is a threat to an agenda to continue to ‘dumb down’ the audience.  The media kicks up allot of dirt to keep chaos as the distraction to obtain the moral of any conflicting story they are duping onto society.

Since, the Maya Calendar ending on December 21, 2012 has unleashed an enlightenment of psychic abilities on the world.  Smart cellphones are modern day psychic tools that we use and take for granted daily.  It is known in Hollywood ‘that good or bad publicity is always beneficial.’  These critics could be doing their job of reverse psychology, by writing negative reviews for people to tune into the show, and judge for themselves.

Critics go on about the acting skills performed, yet they have probably never been on stage themselves.  The media is catching up with those that have been ahead of our times.  ‘Star Trek‘ has been the pioneer of forward thinking, but now our modern day reality has caught up with technology being the norm.  “Star Trek‘ is a ‘spirit journey on foot‘ meaning.