Psychic News Today

by Robin Zodiac

Monarchy Predictions from Mexican Cult Leader

Mhoni Vidente is a legendary psychic/medium in Mexico, because of her accurate world events happening after making psychic predictions.  Now, Ms. Vidente says that Meghan Markle will go down the isle with child.  Prince Philip will pass away in 2018 and the Queen will abdicate (Robin Zodiac adds; ‘Not to a Brit, but an American relative.’)

Mhoni Vidente predicts that Prince Harry and the future; Lady Meghan will be excepting twin boys.  Princess Diana has to be smiling about the fact that both her sons are with women from entertainment businesses in their backgrounds and both ‘Ladies’ are cougars too.  It is noticeable that both Meghan and Prince Harry have the same profile and their noses are similar too.


Robin Zodiac New Year’s Resolution begins…

Robin Zodiac has ambitions of recording a daily home video predicting daily news from a psychic/medium’s point of view. Robin Zodiac has been working on finishing her ‘Psychique‘ network, editing her new age eBooks, writing her last ‘Secrets’ series 4th eBook to incorporate the ‘Secrets to New You Love‘ paperback.

Robin Zodiac is planning on patenting fashion and beauty products to license, manufacture and market. Robin Zodiac is in talks with Lorre’ Springsteen in doing a co-host TV/Radio show on a new streaming network, do our own radio/youtube ‘live’ show or Robin Zodiac may return to either UBN Radio or Cable Radio Network in the spring of 2018.

White Houses’ Dark Cloud

Georgia Walker is an Australian self proclaimed ‘psychic to the stars’ says, “‘I saw a ball and chain around his ankle. I saw President Bill Clinton’s shadow over him, so he went through that process, but he did escape it.” Walker goes on the state that President Trump will be impeached, yet forgets to mention the America Trump cannot be trumped by another other leader.  Donald is Fred’s ‘trump card,’ after the Hit-L(ist)er, as Hitler given name got him into leadership or politics.

Robin Zodiac agrees that Bill Clinton is bringing the dark cloud, who happens to be in the shadows of sex scandals, Freddie Mac pansy scheme with his loser wife being Fannie Mae (American English: Take butt; British English: Take puss).  Trump did campaign to insure Hillary Clinton’s win, yet it didn’t work that way with the ‘deep state‘ pulling the strings to collect on daddy; Fred Trumps’ social security trust (CUSIP) bonds.

Famous Celebrity 2018 Psychic Predictions

Trail blazer of psychic predictions is ‘Robin Zodiac.’  She takes the risk informing the public of these historical occurrences that will manifest this coming 2018 new year.  Her calculated events is from both; intuition and presumption in the 2018 article that she has scheduled to broadcast at the ‘Strike of Midnight’ on January 1st 2018.

Robin Zodiac has decided to start up new businesses in the manufacturing industry of fashion and beauty in 2018.  You will be reading about her success that has been planned out these last 2 years to pull her through an 11 year in numerology.  We all get challenges among our path, but ‘Psychic Mom‘ projects events and sets up traps to conquer in the right time periods foreseen.

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JayZ Claim to have Psychic Setlist

Shawn Carter aka JayZ is beginning his 4:44 Tour this Friday at the Anaheim Honda Center. JayZ claims to be a businessman using his instincts or psychic powers for his setlist.  JayZ is married to Beyoncé and they are parents of 3 young children.

Beyoncé got her big break from a psychic, who handed the talent singer her connection towards fame and fortune with only one request in return.  This was broken by Beyoncé voicing her racist views publicly.  JayZ and Beyoncé had hired and fired psychic, Robin Zodiac for their push party thrown just before the birth of their twins too.

JayZ is in on the know of modern day trends, because his wife was created on the entertainment pulse, since she was a young adult.  This couple has lost their way, but they are barely surviving above water.  This couple has defied nature and may believe their are more psychic, then their music handler, but no one is really amused in their hook.

Israeli Psychic; Uri Geller Claims of JFK’s Murder

Uri Geller claims he spoke with Jackie Kennedy, after the public murder of her husband in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.  ‘URI’ said that he spoke to her, when his self titled book was being researched.

The truth comes out in 50 years and the release of the JFK assassination will be probably be just more propaganda, unless these reports reveal the Wall Street attorney; John McCloy that set up the reparation payments to establish through the US German Commission provided to Israel for the release of a German royal and his subjects from prison.  The German royal was stripped of his title, because Queen Elizabeth II is a German Jew and not legally entitled to rule, until 2016.

Uri Geller has made claim on being Michael Jackson’s psychic too.  So, Uri Geller is not only a spoon bender, but a mind bender with revealing his CIA ties and was in Mexico City, when Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as a patsy.

The reason JFK was murdered was 6 weeks prior to his death, the late-King of America printed paper cash known as the U.S. Notes, which was tax-free currency to eliminate the Rothschild banking system in America.  This Jewish family was exiled last month from America and Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa or BRICS currency will dominate the market in trade deals.




Ellen Predicts Kim Kardashian Twins

Kim Kardashian told Ellen that a psychic emailed her and told Kim that she will be a mother of twins in 2018.  Kim and Kanye West hired a surrogate to give birth for them.  They agree that the anonymous woman carrying the valley girl’s child has a large baby bump for being 6 months along, so it has been rumored on Ellen’s show to be twins.

Kim and Kanye already have a daughter and a son, but this could be wishful thinking.  But, the gifted psychic; Char Margolis is the Kardashian psychic, who is on UBN radio, before the Robin Zodiac show.  Robin Zodiac did ‘America’s Psychic Challenge‘ for the same production company and predicts the Kardashians’ are hyped up ‘golddigger’ as Kanye’s sings about in his popular song and their fake funds coming from a from a stale ‘C’est que vie Trust Act of 1666’ and are never entitled to real wealth.

Robin Zodiac’s prediction on the Kardashian valley girls is that this family will one day quickly fade back into their true titles of ‘gag me with a spoon.’  Even the mainstream media has not been reporting on this fake family for weeks now. Only TMZ, which can report on musicians, athletes and/or infamous personalities, but not union actors anymore.