Psychic News Today

by Robin Zodiac

Psychic Medium Death by Boiling

A psychic medium in Malaysian would do a strange ‘magic trick‘ for his devotees.  Last year, Lim Ba has by-pass surgery, but continued his practice as a ‘psychic guru’ to boil himself in a large steel wok.  On Monday, October 23rd, the Taoist had followers attend the Kuala Sanglang Qinglong temple to watch the ‘physical endurance‘ ritual that failed.

The cult leader was pulled from the scene and rushed to the hospital, where he died from a heart attack. His family had asked Lim Ba to stop these demonstrations, but the cult leader had refused.  Witnesses said that Lim Ba was banging from inside the wok after 30 minutes, when his other stunts went on for 75 minutes with no problems in the past.